Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Book Reviews in the Sunday Paper

More good news for writers! I don’t even subscribe to the San Jose Mercury News or the Contra Costa Times, but I’m happy to report that the Contra Costa Times will once again carry book reviews in the Sunday paper!

Why? Because readers spoke up about the reviews being removed from the paper and put online instead. They not only spoke up, the paper called it an “outcry.” The people DO have a voice after all.

Here’s what Sue Gilmore, the Times Book editor, said:
So many of you expressed such deep disappointment -- and I believe a "D" word was deployed in every single missive we received via voice message and e-mail -- that we have restored our third books page to its apparently rightful place at the back of the A&E section.
Readers not only spoke up, they threatened to switch papers. The decision makers at the paper listened and said:
We are very happy today to return to the paper the full complement of book news, interviews and reviews you have been accustomed to for years.
Power to the people. In this case, the “people” were readers.

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