Friday, August 03, 2007

Courthouse Advice

Thanks to all who’ve emailed advice about serving on a jury. Although I’ve served on two juries having to do with traffic related cases, this, I expect, will be something bigger since I’m scheduled at the main Austin courthouse. May not be, though. Who knows.

I got a spectrum of advice from do ride the Dillo, … to don’t ride the Dillo … to park at the mall, ride the city bus then transfer to the Dillo to ride to the courthouse … to park at a meter, then argue any parking ticket I get. Had a very good friend offer me a parking spot at her husband’s law office, but I’d have to get there really early to grab one. Turned it down since I don’t have to report until 1:30 in the afternoon.

Some people had additional ideas. Take a paperback to read. (Maybe a legal thriller?) Take a pad and pen to take notes on things I observe while sitting and waiting. Wear comfortable shoes. (Do juries stand nowadays?) Don’t take diuretics before going. (Duh.) Develop a sudden annoying tic so maybe I’ll get kicked off the jury. (I sort of want to serve, so I’ll skip that advice.) If they ask your occupation, say “writer.” It’ll get you rejected every time. (Like I said. I want to serve, so should I lie?) Eat lunch before I go since I won’t get a break. Don’t eat lunch in case I serve on a stomach-tuning case.

But the best advice, which I always try to follow, leave early so I don’t get frustrated by traffic, slow Dillos, long walks, hard to find rooms, or strip searches.

Strip searches???

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