Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Kit Frazier Workshop

Last Sunday I went to a workshop at my local Barnes & Noble (Westlake). The CRM there, the best CRM in the world, Jo Virgil, hosts three, four, or more events every week. This workshop was part of the “A Year of Writing” workshops. Jo brings in experts and/or writers to teach two hour workshops about writing. The best part, for those of us who attend, is they’re free.

This workshop, “The Get Published Took Kit”, was led by Kit Frazier, author of Scoop and Dead Copy. The workshop was geared toward beginning writers. Kit talked about the basics, like how to research agents, what agents do, whether to approach an agent via email or snail mail, and so on. She also talked about formatting a query letter and what to include. Her handouts included sample queries.

Another handout was a submission tracker for you to keep record of who and when you query and the results of those queries.

All in all, the talk was entertaining and packed with information. Lots of questions came from the audience, too.

I’ve known Kit for probably five years, but didn’t have either of her books, so I bought both and got her autograph. I’ve started reading the first in the series. So far, it seems more mystery than romance, but during the talk she said it was both. We’ll probably hit the romance soon – the lead certainly seems to have her pick of possible men. If you like young and sassy, you’ll like the series. It’s actually set out in my part of the country. Some places are fictional; some are not. Even if I don’t recognize street names, I know the real place that it probably refers to. She really brings the lake area and hill country to life. Scoop, the book I’m reading now, is light and funny – and I’m enjoying reading it.


  1. Hey, when Kit spoke at San Gabriel Writers League a couple of months ago I won her door prize, a neat t-shirt that says: "WARNING, anything you say or do may appear in my next book."

    I'm looking for a t-shirt place to make me some of those, because I love it! Get more attention when I wear it! So, if anyone knows Kit's supplier, let me know!

  2. She gave one of those away at this one, too. I didn't win. B&N gave away a gift certificate, too. I didn't win that either. That shirt would draw a lot of attention, I bet. Does it have her book name on it? Don't know her supplier, but there are t-shirt companies in Austin, but you have to order a lot to get a price break.


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