Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A New Publisher

Here’s some good news in the publishing world. A new publisher is afoot.

I first read about Rager Media in a short clip in Publishers Lunch. So I started looking farther: read a piece in The Beacon Journal, then went to the home site for Rager Media. Rager Media is a fairly new publisher who’s making a name for itself. They launched in 2006.

The Beacon Journal article said:
“Their published works have been reviewed in respected national outlets that they feared would shun them for their size and youth.”
They also said:
“With low overhead and no debt, Rager can offer bigger royalties than its supersized peers.”
That’s good news.

One piece of not so good news is that word quickly got out about the small publisher. Even with the goal of publishing one book a month, they’re booked through 2009. The guidelines on their site say they only accept email submissions. Makes it easier on authors, unless you’re scared of sending off your book without a return SASE.

According to Rager, they want:
“to find the best material, regardless of reputation or publishing history.”
You can check out their website to get an idea of the books they’re publishing. If you’re thinking about submitting, keep in mind, your book won’t see daylight for a while. At this point, Rager is taking longer than most university presses, but not as long as some big publishing houses.

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