Thursday, May 31, 2007

Groundbreaking Books

The news yesterday and today about the man from Georgia with a strain of TB highly resistant to drugs who traveled from the US, all over Europe, Canada and finally back to the US has caught everyone’s attention. It’s certainly caught mine. Partly because it makes you want to head slap the guy for exposing so many people to the disease just so he could go on a luxury honeymoon. And partly because the whole thing exposes the flaws in what is supposed to be a security plan to protect the public from exposure to virulent diseases.

It really reminds you of the books and movies like Outbreak where one person had a disease which was quickly spread throughout the public. Of course, movies being movies, in the end the spread was finally stopped, thus avoiding total annihilation of mankind.

Isn’t it interesting that movies and books often are far ahead of their time? Writers discuss things that eventually become hot topics. They “invent” things for their books which later become reality. They use plot lines that seem unbelievable at the time or totally scary, which sets off alarms and causes society to change the way they think or do things. Often you see an author on national TV because of something she’s written in a book and now news media want to know if it could really happen.

Sometimes it can be scary when fiction becomes reality. But you have to be in awe of the imagination of writers

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