Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Touring D.C.

I’m officially a limpin’ fool. Seriously, my left heel is hurting and all this walking has sorely aggravated it.

This morning, I went to tour the Supreme Court. Unfortunately, they weren’t in session. I’d love to come back when they are. The tour guide said when they’re working, the line sometimes stretches clear around the building. But it’d be worth it to see them in action. As it was, I got to walk around and see the displays and also got to sit in the courtroom while the tour guide talked. Even that much was interesting.

Then in the afternoon, I went to the Holocaust Museum. Again. This is my fourth time to visit. I think I’ve seen all of it now. Surely. It’s always interesting. And depressing. And uplifting. And unbelievable. And scary. How could Hitler have come to such power and complete control? How could the holocaust have been allowed to happen? How can it be stopped in Darfur?

Some of the most interesting times, though, were when I went off the beaten path onto side streets. Usually in search of a Starbucks or a market to get fruit. Those are the bustling areas where the locals live or the downtown workers venture for lunch. Yesterday when I toured the National Cathedral, I walked by huge houses. I think I may have been on Diplomats Row, since I kept passing huge houses, mansions really, each one with a different flag hanging.

I’ve decided I could live in D.C. Metro stations are always fairly close and riding the trains is easy and relatively inexpensive. I could do this. Austin should put in subways. Friday, it’s back to Austin and driving cars everywhere.

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