Monday, April 02, 2007

Synopsis Workshop in College Station

For those struggling with writing a synopsis for your book, I’ll be teaching my workshop, The Synopsis: Four Steps to the Ultimate SALES Tool, again next month. I’ll be at the Brazos Writers This Business of Writing 2007 Mini-Conference in College Station, Texas.

The workshop will take you step by step through your synopsis -- how to make the process less intimidating, what to put in the synopsis, and how to use the synopsis as a selling tool. The odds are that sooner or later you’re going to have to write a synopsis. By learning the tools, you’ll feel more comfortable with writing a synopsis -- whatever length an agent or editor asks for – and using it to create your query letter copy ad and your pitch.

Also at the conference will be Mike Farris and Susan Morgan Farris of The Farris Literary Agency. There will be a reception Friday night then the conference on Saturday.

So if you missed the workshop last month, join me in College Station May 25th and 26th.

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