Friday, March 09, 2007

Wild Things Coming Out

Today’s not a writing entry into the blog. This one is about Spring springing around my part of Texas.

I know it’s still winter up north. My sister in Minnesota is encased in snow. She’s sent pictures of their winter wonderland. But around here, the weather is cool at night and warm in the day. Unfortunately, it’s also dry, dry, dry.

But the animals are out.

A few nights ago, a rabbit hopped across the road from our neighbor’s yard to ours. We have a family or two of rabbits who live in our pampas grass. This one, I swear to you, was bigger than our dog. Admittedly, Ruffles is a small dog, but that was a big rabbit.

Yesterday, I almost hit a fox. I do believe it just stood in waiting at the side of the road in the tall weeds. When I got close, it loped out. Luckily, I was only doing about twenty-five or thirty, so I paused for it. The fox wasn’t in any hurry. He just sort of trekked across, showing off a beautiful coat and tail.

This morning, deer were in our backyard. I watched them out the kitchen window. They munched a while, then climbed through the post fence and sauntered on down the little valley.

Haven’t seen any road runners out yet. They’ll be out, maybe when we get hot weather.

It’s a wild world and people aren’t the only animals on the prowl.

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