Thursday, February 15, 2007

Diane Fanning News

Yesterday I had lunch with a good friend, author Diane Fanning. She was in town to have a meeting with a lawyer concerning some documents she had requested. What is amazing is that she had requested the documents, under the Freedom of Information Act, six years ago. Six years. That’s how long it took for the information to be made available to her. Six years. What that shows is that Diane doesn’t give up. When she’s researching, she isn’t deterred when someone says no or when the information is difficult to find. She perseveres.

Diane will be writing the true crime book on the Lisa Nowak (NASA astronaut) story. Here’s the write-up that was in Publishers Lunch this week:
Novelist and true crime author Diane Fanning tackles the bizarre case of Lisa Nowak, the astronaut accused of attempting to murder a fellow astronaut's girlfriend because of her obsession with her colleague, to Charles Spicer at St. Martin's…

Diane is well-known for her true crime books. She’s been nominated for the Edgar Award; she’s been on Court TV as well as network TV. She’ll be on 20/20 before long. I’ve mentioned Diane before, so you know she also has the first in a new mystery series coming out this year, and has another mystery series in the works.

But don’t think projects just fall in her lap. She’s a hard worker and dedicated writer, with a very organized mind and work ethic. This is just my opinion, but I see her as “at the tipping point.” That point where your “star” takes off. Keep an eye on her. And buy her books now while you can get first editions.

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