Friday, January 12, 2007

Plot Ideas

Last night I called a friend in California. During the conversation, I told her about my husband’s lasik eye surgery. She did the same thing I did while watching it. She squealed. Again and again. And I didn’t even go into detail. The eyes are really weak points for most people.

When I wrote about his surgery in an earlier post, I said I could never write horror because I’m a wimp when it comes to stuff like that. But it’s been about three weeks since he had that first eye done and I’ve had time to mull it over. I still couldn’t write horror, I don’t believe. But I have come up with a scene involving the surgery and the glass-walled surgical room.

I need to write the basic skeleton of the scene down and set it in my ideas file. Then, the next suspense novel I write, I can pull it out. See it I can fit it in the story. Or build the story around the scene.

Always jot down your ideas and keep them for future use. Even keep those scenes you cut from something you’re working on. They may work in the future. Keep them in whatever filing system you use, be it a box, on your computer, in a notebook, on sticky notes, whatever works for you.

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