Saturday, November 18, 2006

Why Would He Do It?

I’ve had some people ask me about the upcoming O.J. Simpson book. Problem is, I’m not sure what to say. I haven’t read the book, first off. Like everyone else, I’m only hearing what she said or he said and what they said about what she said. From what I’ve heard (second, third and fourth –hand), O. J. spins a fictional tale of how he would have killed his wife Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman IF he had committed the murders.

So the whole book is about this fictional tale of how he would have planned it, carried it out and covered it up? The entire book? I don’t think I could write a 300-page murder, let alone read one. Gotta be something else in there.

Another question is why in the Hel would he write such a book? Yes, to make money, but he could have written something else. It didn’t have to be this.

From his point of view, he might have written it to say, I’m innocent. It couldn’t have been me because I would never have done it the way it was done. This is how I would have pulled it off. From my point of view that would be just plain stupid. He’s already been found not guilty. A jury believed he wasn’t capable of planning and carrying out a murder. Well, here he shows them he’s perfectly capable of planning a murder. So capable, he wants to show off by putting the plan in writing.

Perhaps he thought if he could convince people he didn’t do it or he is too smart to have done it, then he would regain some of the status he lost, people would like him again, he would once again be in the favor of the public. No, no. I say again, no. It’s been so many years. People who believed him innocent still continue to believe. Those who believed him guilty, still believe. By dredging the horror up again, he only shines the spotlight on himself and his children and not in a favorable way.

Maybe he thought this was a way to stick it to the families of the dead who took him to court and won a multi-million dollar civil case against him. I can get a book published. Millions of people still love me and will buy the book. I’ll make millions of dollars and I’ve set up the pay-off in such a way, you’ll never see a penny of it. He may be partially right. Tons of people may buy the book. He may make lots of money. But surely, someone will go after the money since the families have not received anything of the settlement he was supposed to pay.

And let’s not even get me started on the editor who bought this book, probably arranged the ghost writer(s), and read through most likely multiple versions of it. What in the Hel was she thinking? And I’m not buying that she considered this his confession so she wanted to get it out there for the world to read. Hogwash.

Let’s help them out. Let’s pile into our white SUVs and join a looooonnngg sllooooooow caravan down the highway to NOT buy O.J.’s book.

Well. For someone who didn’t know what to say, I’ve kinda run off my mouth, haven’t I? Maybe I’ll write a book on how, if I hadn’t acted so rashly at the computer and instead had taken a few years to think this through, I would have written the blog in a different way.

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