Friday, September 22, 2006

MySpace, YouTube, We All Scream for Ice Cream

Since I started blogging I’ve heard from people who also blog. I’ve heard from some who have fabulous websites (color me green with envy). I’ve heard from folks who intend to never have a blog or a website; they plan to market their books the old-fashioned way.

What I’m discovering as I stretch myself farther out into the Internet is that blogging and websites may just be … the old-fashioned way. Yipe!

People are out there doing things I haven’t a clue how to do. MJ Rose is active on MySpace. I can’t even get to see her Space since I’m not a member of MySpace and therefore am not her “friend.” A friend is someone who connects up with you on MySpace, whether you know them or not. I’ll have to get my son to show me how to get onto MySpace.

I did get as far as the profile for her latest book, which apparently is located in the MySpace Music section (and probably in every other section on MySpace), and discovered that she is also busy promoting her books on YouTube.

Other authors are on MySpace and on YouTube. This one on YouTube sure sounds like a true crime book, but it’s not.

It’s all rather scary.

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