Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Austin Museum of Art, the Texas Book Festival, and Hel

This year I’m once again an Event Chair for the Texas Book Festival. Although I’ve worked at the festival for many years, with Sisters in Crime or the Writers’ League of Texas, this is my second year volunteering for the festival organization. Two years … two great events.

Last year I chaired Book Church, a fun way to spend the morning. We had three authors who’d written books about gospel music plus entertainment from a gospel group – all of it on the south steps of the Capital. Lots of singing and clapping. Since it was only one morning, I also co-chaired former President Bill Clinton’s talk inside the Capital.

This year I’ll be working with the Austin Museum of Art where authors of photography books will be showing their photographs. This ought to be a fabulous series of events over both Saturday and Sunday. Wonderful pictures, the photographers, their books, all showcased in the AMoA.

As I learn more about the set up and schedule, I’ll post the information. In the meantime, though, mark your calendars for Saturday and Sunday, October 28-29. There will be so much to see, vendors to visit, and authors to listen to, as well as books to buy. But be sure to take time to make the short walk down Congress to the Austin Museum of Art. I’ll be there.


  1. James V. Lee9/07/2006 8:59 AM

    Good "maiden voyage," Helen. But somebody is going to nail you for implying that construction can hope. Might as well be me :). See your first paragraph. "If you go by to visit, hopefully the road construction will be done."

  2. I'm glad you were the one to catch that, James. Guess I'll have to be more careful with my editing, even on a blog. I could actually change that blog entry, but I won't. I'll leave it as is, as an example of how I talk instead of how I *usually* write!


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