Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hi everyone. Thank you for dropping by.

I'm not here today because I'm over at The Writers Lens. Come over and say hi.

I'm answering questions in the post:

How much fact is in your fiction? 

What's the highest compliment someone could make about your writing?

What movie star would be perfect for (your main character) and why?

Would you share a bit about your next project?

Where to Find Angel Sometimes and Helen

If you have other questions, leave them in the comment section. I'm happy to answer them.



  1. Hi Helen .. I know your name was mentioned in our Oh How I Miss you Bloghop, or would miss you .. or where are you??!! But I know you're around .. just busy elsewhere ...

    Good to see you here ... and I catch your posts elsewhere occasionally .. cheers and Happy Thanksgiving ... Hilary

  2. Hope your Thanksgiving was great, Hilary. We went to San Francisco to have Thanksgiving with our daughter.


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