Thursday, May 31, 2012

Do You Write SciFi or Fantasy?

If you're an unpublished SciFi or Fantasy writer, here's a contest for you.
Writer’s Toybox, a hugely popular writer’s information website, has joined up with Sci Fi and Fantasy specialist publisher Netherworld Books and launched a major competition to find the next J. K. Rowling or Stephenie Meyer. 
Last year's winner was Catherine Green, a now best-selling author.
The competition invites short stories in the genres of Science Fiction and Fantasy the best of which will be featured in an anthology to be published in time for the Christmas period. The overall winner will be offered a publishing contract for a full length novel.
If you're interested, the competition is open to all unpublished authors. There doesn't seem to be a lot of information yet, but you can start writing your short story while you keep an eye on Writer's Toybox.


  1. outstanding opportunity for anyone yearning to see their work sitting on a bookstore shelf ;)


  2. It does sound like a good opportunity.

  3. Bummer, I wouldn't be able to enter. But I can mention it tomorrow in the Ninja News.

  4. Thanks for the link! I'm on my way over now to check ot out. Have a great weekend.

  5. My life is a sci-fi fantasy, but, alas, my books aren't. I'll have to pass this on to Clara.

  6. I have three published short stories, and a fourth has been accepted. Does this mean I'm a published author and can't enter? I know that sounds a weird question, but I'm wondering if the "published" is meaning novels, or anything published.

    Hello Helen :) I haven't been by in a while. I hope you have a good weekend.


  7. This sounds great. Many thanks for the heads up! :)


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