Saturday, July 09, 2011

No. 1 on Amazon

John Green’s latest book, The Fault in Our Stars, is number 1 on and Barnes & You’re going to have to wait a while to read it though. It’s not due for release until spring of next year.

Huh? you say. According to the Wall Street Journal, he has amassed so many fans that his book has climbed the charts.

He, folks, has mastered the art of promoting via social media. Green “posted the title of his new book on Twitter, Tumblr and the community forum An hour later, he upped the stakes by promising to sign all pre-orders and the entire first-print run, while also launching a YouTube live show.”

His fans responded by posting “hundreds of potential dust jackets for the book, which doesn't have one yet. They also turned to Twitter and Tumblr to discuss pre-ordering the books.” And thus began the climb of the book to the top of the charts.

You’re probably wondering, how many followers does this guy have?

Check out this chart from the article:
Weaving an Intricate Web: John Green's Digital Toolbox
Name of Web site  Purpose                                           Followers
1.Twitter                   Posts daily, often in response to         1.1 million
2.YouTube                Has made nearly 900 videos with      526,000
                                   his brother
3.Facebook              Author updates but prefers other       62,000
                                    social media   Hosts conversations about a variety   60,000
                                   of topics        A forum to discuss the videos            27,000
6.Tumblr                   A fluid conversation in images or       26,000

Yep, yep. I’m probably second in all those places. Or I will be, as soon as I figure out why the NerdFighters are in YourPants. I’d better Tumblr a Twitter on Facebook and see if someone can tell me.


  1. Those stats are unbelievable! When does he find time to actually write the books as well?

    Judy, South Africa

  2. That's amazing, but I guess it shows the power of social media.

  3. I imagine it has more to do with the person than the social media, but he does known how to work it.

  4. Wow, really smart marketing...
    I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with Greene's work. .but I should look forward to the book then seeing as how it's generated so much interest.. .....

    I'm pondering on this concept where books are concerned, shouldn't the content of a book drive popularity.
    I look forward to the sales outcome too after the launch, makes for an interesting marketing study.

    A good weekend to you.

  5. A very busy man and yet I've never heard of him. As always, great post Helen.

  6. I'm wondering if he's a writer who is truly all about the written craft, or if he's just more interested in the marketing game, and the writing comes afterward, almost as a tool for the marketing?

  7. If you're second, then I'm third - to last! Need to check out the Nerd Fighter thing.

  8. Wow...when does he find time to write? Amazing!

  9. 900 videos. Geepers. Sadly, my first response was Who's John Green? So I guess he hasn't reached EVERYONE yet. LOL

  10. My apologies everyone for the chart being messed up. It looked fine when I previewed it on Blogger. Grr.

    Hi Helen. The content should be the driving force, but until people hear about the book, they won't see the content. It's sort of a giant Catch 22.

    Good question Joanne.

    Luckily, there are millions and millions of readers. And lots of different ways to reach them.

  11. This is really incredible. I wish him luck though it doesn't seem like he needs it with his work plan in place.

  12. Anyone else have no idea what Nerdfighters and YourPants are?

  13. Well, guess you don't have to worry too much about the content of the book if you can stir up that much interest ahead of time. Is book success all in the marketing via social media now?


    Please let us know when you discover the whereabouts of Nerdfighters and YourPants.

    Thanks for the fascinating post!


  14. John Green is amazing. But don't forget to add that his books are amazing too. He's a fabulous writer. :)

  15. This guy is amazing. I wonder if he'll get writer's cramp from signing all those books! Wow!

  16. I need to work on my numbers...

  17. Wow! I hope he writes a book like John Locke, giving away his promotional secrets. :)

  18. Wow, that is an accomplishment. I have to wonder if he's single, has maid service, speed dial to restaurant delivery, and is a very focused workaholic. Or perhaps he wrote and edited the book first and block his schedule with the goal to rival Ashton Kutcher on twitter followers.

    Hats off to him and his *posse* for huge promotional rabbit out of his hat.

    Sia McKye's Thoughts...OVER COFFEE

  19. Hi Helen .. interesting story - thanks for posting and I love your last sentence .. "I’d better Tumblr a Twitter on Facebook and see if someone can tell me."

    Cheers .. Hilary

  20. Helen, when I read stuff like this ... and think about my own pathetic marketing efforts ... I feel like the guy who was tying his shoes when the secret of life whizzed over his head ... he stood up and said, 'huh, what was that?' But then, I always pretty much feel like that.

  21. Wow!!! Okay, like Christopher, I'm thinking my marketing efforts are pathetic. I'm probably right too. But how does anyone find time to be so successfully market-oriented?

  22. From what I've seen, Sheila and Chris, it's all about time and knowing who, what, when, where, and how to place the marketing. Mostly, it's about time. If you have lots of time and a good income from other sources that don't require a lot of time, you're bound to hit the right formula. However, the right formula might be good for one person and not for another. One size does NOT fit all.

    It also helps to be able to hit the right social networks with the right hook at the right time and have the time to explore it (back to time again). Basically, it's a crap shoot, but usually by someone either extremely lucky or extremely knowledgeable. Keep trying -- or hire someone who knows the business and the tricks and has the time to do it for you.

    I'm lousy at marketing and don't have the time or the right combination of skills, luck, and wit at the perfect moment to promote my work. I'm saving up to hire someone.

  23. Does he have a lot of assistants helping him?

    Chemical Fusion


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