Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy 101

Miriam S. Forster gave me the Happy 101 Award. Clearly, she has not seen me when I first wake up in the mornings.

The rules are that I have to tell ten things that make me happy and then choose five other people for the award.

First, the happy things:
1. Hot coffee in a big mug in the morning. My hands are always freezing, so I hold the mug with both hands and sip it slowly.

2. My daughter. She lives far away, so when she comes home it’s such a treat.

3. My son. Not only is he a sweetheart, he’s good with computers. When I’m at my wit’s end about a Security alert that will not go away, will not fix itself or tell me what to do, and is screwing up everything on my computer, he stops it with a few clicks.

4. My husband. He wakes up around 4 a.m., lets me sleep, then when I get up, he leaves his desk and joins me for coffee in the living room.

5. The Irregulars. This group of writer friends is loving, supportive, funny, and beautiful. At our get-together this past week, we did a kazoo concert.

6. My office. The walls are blue. The ceiling is yellow. There’s an 8 foot by 5 foot bulletin board on one wall, and a closet library. And a door I can close when it gets noisy.

7. Traveling. I love to go places. I just wish I could pack as compactly as my husband, who can go for a week without having to check a bag.

8. Texas heat. I am not a person who likes the cold, except to visit and leave. Even on the 105 degree days, I still like the heat. I look at it out my window and smile.

9. Bluebonnets. They’re starting to bloom and it looks like they’ll be plentiful because of all the rain we’ve had lately. There’s nothing more beautiful than a field of bluebonnets.

10. Seeing my published books on the shelf in the living room.

So…here are five people I pass the award on to:
1. Morgan Mandel
2. Sylvia Dickey Smith
3. D. Lynn Frazier
4. Maryann Miller
5. Laurita

To those five and to everyone else, be happy today and everyday!
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  1. Congratulations on the award. I can totally agree with you on #1. A hot cup of coffee is the way to go, especially first thing in the morning. The coffee brings out the warmth even on the coldest days. Have a great Sunday.

  2. I'm with you and Mason on the coffee! About to get my second cup now... :)

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  3. Happy Sunday to you both. I'm on my second cup, too.

  4. Congrats on the award. What a great list of happy things! You've made me happy reading them.

    Have a great Sunday!

  5. Congratulations on your award! I'm not a coffee drinker but have often thought of taking it up in the winter just to be able to hold the warm mug.

  6. Raising my coffee cup in a toast to happiness :)

  7. Congratulations on the award Helen.
    I enjoyed reading your list.

    Bluebonnets? I have not heard of them. Maybe they are what Brits call, Bluebells.

  8. Congrats on the awards :)

    I'm not a coffee drinker - instead I love my Earl Grey or Chai tea!

    Great list - Your office sounds awesome!

  9. Congratulations.
    And you can keep your heat if I can keep my cold.

  10. Yea Helen! Congratulations. From a cold hater who lives in the cold, I understand your heat thing. Oh, and bluebonnets? Could you include a picture?

  11. Alex, you are welcome to your cold. You are also welcome to visit Texas in the summer and partake of our heat.

    I don't have a picture of bluebonnets, but I did find a picture of a field of bluebonnets and I put the picture on a website I made for a friend. So, if you want to see bluebonnets, go to:
    The purple looking flowers are bluebonnets.

  12. We like a lot of the same things. I love the heat too and each year I hate the cold more. I love my office also though I should work harder when I'm in it.
    And before I even liked drinking coffee I used to pour a cup and hold it between my hands to warm them just as you described. Somewhere along there I started to sip it a little and now I like it.

  13. Congrats on the award, Helen, and thank you so much for thinking me me and my lil' ol' blog!

  14. I wonder how many writers are coffee drinkers and how many are tea drinkers?

  15. My comment was eaten this morning so I'll try again. Congrats on the fun award. I love your list, especially the bluebonnets. Sounds beautiful.

    Thanks for passing this along.

  16. Congratulations--well deserved!

  17. Hi Helen,
    Congratulations on getting the award and thank you for bestowing it on me.

    #8 - Texas heat - I could never live there. I hate it when it's hot. My ideal temperature is mid or upper 60s when I may or may not need a light sweater.

    Morgan Mandel

  18. You're like my younger sister, Morgan. She moved to Minnesota and would be happy to never come back to the heat.

  19. Thanks, Helen, for the neat award! I'm with you on the coffee!! It was indeed a neat surprise when I got home!

  20. Congrats! With as many awards as you get I'm amazed that you can still come up with such interesting tidbits about yourself - and such nice, happy ones as well. Sons with computer skills should be standard equipment for every mother. ;)

  21. Laura, most definitely. A computer whiz kid is really helpful.

  22. Coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon. Frappe from April when it gets hotter here.
    The Bluebonnets remind me of Lupins. They are lovely. They are not here in Cyprus.

    PS: Forgot to say I love the heat.

  23. Love the ten things. I used to be a big mug of Joe in the morning kinda guy, but now it's a Monster Lo-Carb energy drink. Then I'm ready for breakfast and java about an hour after doing my morning blog-hopping session.

    The Old Silly

  24. Thanks for the award, Helen. I was gone yesterday so I didn't get to read your blog. Doing one of the things that make me happy, so I won't revela it here. I'll hold it for my blog. I just read a great article about holding back info to create dramatic suspense, so that is what I'm doing.

  25. Aww, those are awesome things!(Except for maybe the heat, I'm not so much about heat.)

    Hooray for things that make us happy!

  26. Congrats on the award, Helen :)


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