Saturday, October 04, 2008

No More MeMe Memes

This will be the last All About Me Meme I participate in for a while. Folks, I am just NOT that interesting. Seriously.

But Morgan Mandel tagged me on her All I Have to Say blog. And you can’t resist Morgan.

So I’m telling 6 more things. Here they are, short and sweet and the theme is animals:

1. As a young kid I had 6 pet chickens. Each one a different color. I named them things like Peep and Pinky. They got quite big. Then one day I came home from school and my mother told me they’d run off that day. I was sad. She told me over fried chicken dinner.

2. I also had a pet turtle as a kid. I love turtles, still do. I found him in a creek that ran near the house. His shell had little points around the edge. One night I forgot and left him in his bowl in the shed out back. It was a very cold night. You can guess what happened.

3. I also like guinea pigs. We had two while my kids were growing up. I still stop and look at the guinea pigs in the pet store.

4. Swans are beautiful. They are also mean. For a while, there were two swans in the show area where I swam. They loved to wait until the mermaids were on their perches, sans face masks, eating picnic. Then they would swim over and stretch their necks down and yank our hair. I guess our long floating hair looked like worms.

5. Baby pigs are adorable. We trained the pigs from piglet size to swim in the shows. But they are not cuddly. They look like they should be, but they’re hard as little rocks. Still cute though.

6. We now have a dog named Ruffles. She’s getting old, now fourteen and a half years old. She’s hard of hearing and can’t see well. And while she can get up the stairs, we have to carry her down. But she sure can dance around when it comes dinner or treat time. We have decided she will out live us and we need to put her in the will.

That’s it. Me and animals. I’ve had better luck with them as I’ve gotten older.

I’m taggin no one. I know no one who hasn’t been tagged. But if you have not been tagged, say so in the comments and I will officially tag you!


  1. Aw, those are some pretty interesting and amusing tidbits!

    Welcome to NaBloWriMo.

    I'm generally anti-meme, but I'll save this one in case I need a quick random post this month.

  2. To everyone following Straight From Hel -- I'm going to blog about NaBloWriMo next week. Be sure to come back and find out what the craziness means! Thanks Kitt.

  3. Hi Helen,
    Busy day at a book signing at Book World in Eagle River,WI, then packing to go home tomorrow.

    Your pet anecdotes are cute. I remember my brothers had two finches the Crusher and the Bruiser,named after two professional wrestlers.
    Morgan Mandel

  4. Hi Morgan. How did the book signing go? Will you blogging about it tomorrow? I'll drop by to see.

    I've never had a pet bird. Love the names, though.

  5. I enjoyed reading your last meme's, Helen. You actually did have pet chickens. I also have two pet ducks and they're as mean as the swans. It must be a bird thing. :)

    Nice book review as well.

  6. Too funny... when did you realize what happened to your pet chickens? Are you a vegetarian? ha!


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