Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Come Back Tomorrow for The Sex Club

Now that I have your attention … LJ Sellers, author of THE SEX CLUB, is stopping by Straight From Hel tomorrow. Yea!

I’m asking her questions. She’s answering. You’re asking her questions. She’s answering. You’re all going to want a copy of her book. She’s giving away THREE copies to Straight From Hel readers.

And you’re all getting a sneak peek at the cover of the next Detective Jackson mystery.

Thursday’s going to be a special day. Tell your friends to join us for LJ Sellers’ THE SEX CLUB interview. I’m telling mine, starting with all of you. Be here. Bright and early. Or late. Either way.


  1. I'll be here. I'm becoming a fan of LJ's. Hey, Helen, You won day two's challenge at the WLWC on my bog, Free Spirit - congrats!

    blogs at:
    eye twitter 2 -

  2. I'll be there!

    ANd Helen, you deserved to win Marvin's challenge!

  3. I won! I won! I want to thank the academy for the looooooong drum solo.

    Thanks Marvin! Incidentally, anyone wanting to follow Marvin's link to his blog, he misspelled it. It should be:

    Excuse me while I do my happy dance.

  4. Ah! You're too kind Zhadi.

    Winning that contest proves sex sells, donchaknow.

  5. I'll be here. I know it's going to be good. Love your blog setup.

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  7. Came over from ProBlogger. Well done on the title.

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  9. Welcome, Loring.

    You certainly have an interesting blog!


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