Saturday, February 11, 2012

Book Review: My Enchanted Life

My Enchanted Life by Laura Eno is a YA Fantasy. For Emma, the main character, it is a rite of passage. At 18 and barely out of high school, she receives a letter from a British solicitor notifying her that she has inherited a house in England. Since the notification also includes money to come see the house, she sets off on what she thinks will be a vacation before college.

It is anything but.

A taxi ride from the airport to the middle of nowhere is just the beginning of her enchanted life.

Laura Eno has the most vivid imagination and is a most adept teller of fantasy. My Enchanted Life moves quickly with twists and turns and wonderfully thought out characters, some deadly, some loveable. My Enchanted Life is not only a fantasy, it is in part, a love story. In the magical town, there are gnomes, dragons, Sentinels, and villagers, but it is a demon who captures her heart.

My Enchanted Life, like most books, presents the reader with a book question. In this case: Will Emma survive the new world she enters? But unlike other books, it also asks the question: Will she stay in the fantasy world or will she go home to the aunt and uncle who love her and raised her?

I would not be at all surprised to see Laura Eno write another book set in the magical community of Wode Gate. And I would not be surprised to find myself reading it.

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I give My Enchanted Life a rating of Hel-of-a-Story.
FTC Disclaimer: Laura Eno not only sent me My Enchanted Life, she signed it. That did not influence my review. It will, however, ultimately influence my library. My library is my office closet. The shelves are overflowing and beginning to sag from the weight. Books are stacked on the floor, both in the closet and my office. So, sadly, I set it on the donate stack in the corner of my office. When I went to write this review, I looked for the book … and finally found it on one of my autographed books shelf in the closet. Uh-huh, you read that right. Apparently, Emma’s life is not the only thing enchanted. Where do you think that book is now? Uh-huh. On the top autographed books shelf. Uh-huh. Mama didn’t raise no fool.


  1. LOL! Yes, I infused the book with magic to haunt your closet. If you move it again, Cussard may leap out and fill your office with smoke. Just sayin'...
    Thank you so much for the wonderful review!

  2. That book isn't leaving your house no matter what! Great review.

  3. It's definitely staying, Laura.

  4. Gosh I'd love a tour of that closet!

  5. Bring a cup of coffee and a croissant to snack on and come on over Liza!

  6. Hi Helen .. great review of Laura's book - sounds fascinating .. and one day I shall pick it up and give it a read ..

    Congratulations to Laura .. cheers Hilary

  7. I agree it is a great story. It didn't haunt my closet though, I don't have one yet. But it does keep turning up on my desk. I guess it telling me to get with-it and write the review.

    Pamela Jo

  8. Is the demon good or bad? I guess we can't have a good demon. But hell, Larua is the author, she can make the demon whichever way she likes. Good review, Helen, thanks.

    BTW, I like your teenage short story too, Gila Monster. Do you have a photo of it?
    The Spinster’s Vow

  9. The book has enchantment to share with you, Helen. As with all enchantments, it's not going anywhere until it does it's job.

    Great review and I like the premise.


  10. It is a fun premise, Sia - and it also has action and suspense.

    Thank you Enid. I don't have a picture of the Gila Monster. But it's big and green and showing its age and abuse.

  11. Enchanted is a perfect description! The cover art is gorgeous, too.

  12. Would a $20 bill stuck in a book sent to you help influence a positive review? Not that I would that ... just asking.

  13. No, Christopher, but it would influence me to go buy a Skinny Cafe Mocha Latte.

  14. I really enjoyed that mix of would she survive in the world and would she choose to stay. Adds a satisfying extra dimension to the story.


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