Monday, September 25, 2006

Love and Kisses All Around

Okay, everyone out there, if you’ve heard this before, raise your hand:
You need to have a NY agent because they’re the ones who can woo the editors over lunch and drinks.

Looks like everybody’s heard that one.

Now, raise your right leg is you’ve heard:
It doesn’t matter where your agent lives. Nowadays, agents use the Internet, the phone, and even quick flights to NY to meet with editors.

Everybody put your arms and leg down before you fall over.

Now, it’s true that NY agents have the most opportunities to get to know NY editors. It’s also true that agents outside of NY network with editors at the big houses. I know from my days as Executive Director of the Writers’ League of Texas that one thing agents wanted to know when we invited them to the Agents conference was how many editors would be there and who. A big draw for them was getting to talk to editors they either knew or wanted to meet.

If you read blogs by agents, like Miss Snark, Kristin Nelson, Jennifer Jackson , Rachel Vater, and others, you’ll see they occasionally talk about editors. But they rarely name names. I haven’t found editors dissing agents as often. I did come across this one though, posted on Gawker. No names, but some definite frustration coming through. He describes in general terms some of the agents he sometimes finds himself trapped with at the lunch table.

And you thought agents and editors lead glamorous lives.

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